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Tales by Solid - A new and sustainable Belgian brand in the spotlight! 

 After years of experience in producing high-quality knitwear and handwoven apparel and homeware in partnership with various premium labels – and we continue to do this -, we at Solid -with our purpose-driven organization – thought the time was right to launch our very own label.

Tales by Solid emerged from the idea of offering high-quality, timeless and sustainable items that are easy to combine in various ways. The label is the true embodiment of our core values and motto that fashion and homeware can be a force of good

Tales by Solid is a fashion and homeware label that is sustainable for our workers and for the planet. It is a label that we as a team feel good about creating, and you can feel good about wearing.  Tales by Solid is a new contemporary brand for everyone who loves stylish, handmade and sustainable items of uncompromising quality.

With fine collections that can be both boho inspired and minimalist, Tales by Solid aims to brighten up your interior and wardrobe, in a fair way.

The very softest alpaca wool, organic cotton, recycled and upcycled fabrics that are good for our earth, but also make you feel good! 

Driven by both ethics and aesthetics, aiming to offer transparent and refined craftsmanship. The high-quality fair-trade products tell a story, a story that connects you to the person who made the item, to nature and to yourself. Because how (and by whom) it was made makes all the difference.

Fashion as a force of good

Tales by Solid produces and sells sustainable and socially responsible textiles and knitwear as well as homeware, made in our own fair-trade workshops in Peru, India and Kenya. Tales by Solid works primarily with women, including adolescent girls and women victims of gender-based violence. Thanks to a strong value-driven business set-up, we make an impact on the lives of entire communities.

Tales by Solid is available both in Belgium and internationally.

For a list of sustainable and conscious concept store addresses where you can score Tales by Solid, click here. You can also find the items via our shop.

The Tales by Solid website is still 'under construction'. A very exciting rebranding is coming up.... More news coming soon...

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