Evyïnit after her visit to Solids Peruvian knitting workshop
My visit to Solid’s workshop in Ayacucho, Peru – named Diamanta - was a great success!

Because we care about our relationship with our customers as well as our artisans, we also love it when we get the chance to have them meet each other. Ewelina Smarz from Evyïnit travelled all the way to Peru to visit one of Solid’s knitting workshops and she was very enthusiastic when she returned. Here’s what she had to say:

‘My visit to Solid’s workshop in Ayacucho, Peru – named Diamanta - was a great success! We are very happy about the opportunity to be part of this beautiful project. We like the context of the project: women are offered employment using skills they excel at to produce ethical and environmentally conscious clothes. And we love the reason why it was brought to life in the first place: providing a better future for underprivileged women and their families by valorising their local skills, capacities and local resources. We were touched by the warm welcome we received from everyone, the interest everyone showed in our production, and it was particularly rewarding because we have a mutual benefit from working together. Our brand – Evyïnit - has experienced a growing demand, which we of course are thrilled about, but it also meant we had to scramble to up our production. On our visit to Solid, we were therefore extremely relieved to find out that we can expand the production and meet our demand. We reached a fast and easy solution with Solid, which has been a weight off our shoulders.’

This is certainly the beginning of a beautiful collaboration!

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We are of course present at Peru Moda with our handknitting workshop. You can meet us there and learn more about our knitting moms and the possibilities to work with us.

Meet the Client: Ewelina Smarz from Evyïnit
‘Being interested in yarn automatically means being interested in sustainability.’