Solid aims to be carbon-neutral!

olid aims to be a carbon-neutral shipping company. We are not there yet, but we do compensate all our current CO2 emissions, in airfreight.

Therefore, we have a partnership with Nula Carbon, a climate action platform working to make carbon offsetting accessible. Their carbon credits deliver triple the impact; supporting the communities, biodiversity and wildlife that depend on the forest, all while keeping carbon where it is supposed to be; in the tree and in the soil.

To implement this Nula Carbon works together Wildlife Works’ REDD+ certified projects in Kenya. Solid’s Hadithi partner in Kenya is actually part of Wildlife Works and aims to provide women with a fair income. The production of sisal baskets provides local women a sustainable alternative to wildlife hunting, illegal tree cutting, etc.

Like this, we are able to act together for a greener and more ecologically just planet that we all and the future generations will profit from. Let’s take up the task of climate action together!

Meet the Client - Sao