Solid & Tales by Solid redeem its carbon offset.
A partnership with Nula Carbon

 At Solid and Tales by Solid we firmly believe that climate action should be part of our everyday life, a consideration with every decision. As our projects are in Peru, India and Kenya we ship products across the world and we feel that we should counteract these CO2 emissions.

That is why we support Nula Carbon, a fair organisation helping individuals and businesses to compensate their emissions by protecting forests and biodiversity. More specifically we contribute to the Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project Located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This project protects 300,000 hectares of critical bonobo and forest elephant habitat within the world’s second-largest intact rainforest and some of the most important wetlands on the planet, the Congo Basin. It does so by reducing the principal drivers of forest and biodiversity loss and charting a new pathway for community prosperity through comprehensive investments into the surrounding local communities, which are among the least economically developed in the world. Everywhere in the world the success of such projects is directly linked to what the local community stands to gain. 

Local investments include building and renovating schools, providing healthcare services (such as access to immunizations), supporting food security and nutrition (such as through agricultural diversification), and providing capacity building activities that empower local communities.

Two of our longtime partners, LNKnits and AS Adventure, have also decided to join us and this project in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. We are very proud to have received the Nula certification for carbon credits.

Evyïnit after her visit to Solids Peruvian knitting workshop
My visit to Solid’s workshop in Ayacucho, Peru – named Diamanta - was a great success!