A new chapter for our CAR shelter?

Recently, in Peru, our projects celebrated their 18th birthday. A bit more independent! 

And so it seems. 5 years ago, we did a strategical exercise with the social team around the future and sustainability of the social projects. We projected different future plans and fundraising ideas, for each project.  

For our CAR shelter, surely the biggest budget, given that we cover all costs 24/24 for guidance of vulnerable youth, we believed that the future could only lie with the government. Today there is a stronger government, with undoubtedly some challenges too, capable of organising this care in other provinces. It seemed only logical for Solid to hand this task back, in Ayacucho, now that the need is no longer the same as 13 years ago. 

With the asset of a beautiful building in hand and with the agreement of our partner Buitenveldert, talks with the government began 2 years ago. Unfortunately, political instability meant countless changing contacts for our team. Packed with loads and loads of patience, great results in our CAR and a lot of networking, we succeeded in the impossible! 

Earlier this month, an agreement was signed with the government! We will take up the challenge, to share our beloved shelter, that we cared for with so much love, and accept some uncertainties, in the interest of sustainability and a strong government that takes responsibility. We are going to do everything possible to transfer our team and our expertise to the new management, so that nothing is lost. The new shelter continues to serve entirely the same purpose, taking in vulnerable teenage mothers who are placed by the juvenile court. We will continue to support them with a safe space, counselling and peace of mind, but that with a team that will now have the government as its employer. Solid will continue to accompany the project with technical expertise and any help possible. 

To be continued! 

The Solid team 

Indian summer