Meet Luz Bertha - JOVEM

Luz Bertha joined the JOVEM project in 2018 when she was in her fourth year of high school. She is currently a member of the group of advanced young entrepreneurs. She is still receiving technical advice from the JOVEM project in her enterprise.

“I am Luz Bertha Pardo Cuya. I was born in Incaraccay on the 16th of October 2000. I did part of my primary education in the school of Incaraccay. At the age of 11 we moved to Lima, where i finished my primary education and started high school. I then returned to Incaraccay to finish high school. I have 3 sisters. My parents are also from Incaraccay, they have been producing organic quinoa for 8 years.”

"When i was in fourth of high school, the JOVEM team came to my school and they presented to the project. From the first day I went, I liked the classes. It motivated me to continue to participate in the project. The business i chose was the breeding of free range laying hens. At first it went very well because they went outside to pasture, developing better, eating grass and insects. When I moved to my house in Huallata it wasn’t the same. I kept the hens in a smaller range, as they would get lost if i left them to pasture. We learned a lot from this experience!”

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