Looking for a Designer / Production Assistant
Volunteering at Paces Crafts, India

We are looking for a SUPER MOTIVATED VOLUNTEER, to help us with production @ Paces Crafts, in India.

Paces Crafts, our handicrafts workshop, is located just outside the city of Ranchi, in the North-East of India. A non-touristic but vibrant city. The workshop is located in the quiet rural Namkum, at half an hour drive.

Do you have design experience or experience in sewing or weaving? Curious about India? An organizational talent, happy to take on a challenge? Then you are the man/woman we are looking for!

At the workshop, you will work together with our all Indian team. There will also be follow-up and coordination from Belgium, as you will work together with the Belgian designer and account-manager that’s in touch with our clients. You'll be discovering how our beautiful handmade products are made, from design and sampling to the final labeling and packing. You'll learn more about our raw materials (unique recycled saris) and the techniques we use (Sewing, weaving, embroidery & patch work, etc.).

Flexibility on the work floor, beautiful Indian fabrics, and a warm group of women that will love to share their traditions, it will all be part of the experience!