Hadithi basket - fine weave

Hadithi basket - fine weave

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Baskets that tell a story 

Hadithi Crafts offers a collection of traditional and contemporary baskets, handmade by women in Tsavo (Kenya), from the fibre of the sisal plant. The weaver dyes, dries and twines her sisal fibres by hand, following traditional techniques passed on by generations of basket weavers. The basket is entirely a weaver’s own design, telling her story through the intricate patterns and colours she has chosen to weave. That’s why she leaves you a personal card with her name and picture, in your basket. 

Sisal is an exceptionally durable and strong material, and grows well in harsh Kenyan climates. No pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are needed in sisal agriculture.

100% handmade in Kenya


Sisal leaves


Available in sizes XXS to XXL. 


-        Keep your basket away from direct sunlight. The colours will fade if exposed to bright sunlight.
-        Keep your basket dry, it is made from natural materials so will deteriorate if it gets wet.
-        If your basket gets out of shape, you can spray lightly with water and reshape it with your hands, or / and put a pot of a similar shape inside it.
-        If you use your basket as a plant pot, ensure you keep the basket dry. Line your basket with a thick plastic or use a plastic pot inside your basket.
-        How to take care of your handwoven basket? 

Who made my product? 

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