Tracey Scarf FW22

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The Tracey scarf: Super soft & easy to combine

Meet Tracey, a new line of ultra soft and stylish scarves that will accentuate any fall or winter outfit. Using 100% natural baby alpaca fibers, our lovely Tracey will keep you warm for many years to come. The single stripe in the design of the scarf is Tracey’s trademark and represents the connection between you and the artisan who made it.
Each scarf comes with a tag that lets you track each step in the production chain, learning more about how this scarf empowers the women artisans that made it, and its low ecological footprint. 
All products of Tales by Solid are designed to be beautiful, comfortable, and durable pieces that have a positive impact on the world. Fashion as a force of good.


     Tracey is produced using natural baby alpaca fibers. 


     The Tracey scarf comes in soft yarn and mellow colours, easy to mix and match. 



  • Handwash
  • Use an appropriate detergent for delicate laundry, preferably a suitable wool detergent. Don’t use a fabric softener.
  • Dry your knitwear flat on a towel. Never put it in the dryer.
  • Whenever possible, do light spot cleaning of the garment. Are there no stains, but doesn’t it smell that fresh anymore? Just hang it outside on a coat hanger for a few hours. 
  • If you have creases in your garment, never iron it directly, but keep the iron a few inches above it. Alternatively, use a cool iron on reverse or use a steamer.
  • Give your knitwear space. Is your knitwear dry and wrinkle-free? Then fold it up nicely and put it horizontally in a cupboard. 
  • Repair with love. Over time, some garments may experience a little wear and tear. Solid encourages repairs to garments that may need a little extra care to prolong its lifespan. If you find a loose thread, you can try to pull it gently, but don’t cut it with scissors.

Who made my product? 

At Solid, we are committed to building a strong, fair and sustainable fashion and homew are industry, with a production in Peru, India and Kenya that values and   upholds artisans, their craftsmanship and their communities . With products that are high on quality and only use the best natural fibers, Solid is committed to the development of Solid’s artisan workshops promoting   fair trade good practices .

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